• "Gain access to new opportunities and make early-stage investments all through one platform. eBRcapital makes it easy with our innovative, online platform that reduces the traditional barriers associated with making investments in private organization"

    Accredited Investors
  • "Add your company to an online platform that brings accredited investors to you. Showcase your company and even invite previous or potential investors to increase your organization’s credibility."

    Growth Companies/Entrepreneur
  • "Get full access and connect your investing network to an easy online platform that brings accredited investors and entrepreneurs to a single location."

    Broker Dealers

Who We Are?

eBRcapital is a state-of-the-art investor platform built to provide growth companies, accredited investors and innovative investment bankers a virtual meeting place. Our web-based platform offers up all of the required tools so that entrepreneurs and investors can leverage the power of the internet to make participation in the capital markets of the 21st Century convenient, trustworthy and successful. 

eBRcapital was designed and built by securities industry professionals and operates exclusively within the regulatory framework of the SEC/FINRA and thus provides the security and confidence one would expect from such designations.

eBRcapital is building its infrastructure and community of broker dealers and accredited investors, while waiting for the SEC to finalize its rulemaking as mandated by the American JOBS Act of 2012.

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Accredited Investors

eBRcapital is focused on quality. Our exclusive service doesn’t operate as a listing site. Only the country’s leading opportunities are showcased through eBRcapital’s innovative web-based platform. Formed solely by industry professionals, you can rest assured we’ve evaluated and performed our due diligence on each opportunity listed.

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eBRcapital offers you:

 A unique opportunity that was previously closed off from accredited investors before.

 Lower issuance costs provides a more compelling value.

 Highly curated content that provides only real, high-quality opportunities.

 Personalized recommendations based on profile settings and preferences.

 A secure and trustworthy crowdfunding platform that guides investors and entrepreneurs through the fundraising process.

 Simple, streamlined investments.

 Online management for all investment deal documents.

 Syndicated opportunities shared by other accredited investors.

 FREE registration.

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Growth Companies

eBRcapital supports entrepreneurs and growth companies looking for funding. We understand that entrepreneurs need access to quality capital and thanks to the American JOBS Act of 2012, we’ve been able to establish a web-based platform that does just that. Our extensive network of prospective, accredited investors are here looking for high-quality opportunities -- opportunities your company can offer.

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eBRcapital offers you:

 A high probability of fundraising.

 Investments in compliance with federal regulations.

 Exposure to high-quality brokers and investment firms.

 Exposure to an extensive network of accredited investors.

 Lower costs and quality listings; thus, a higher ROI.

 A team of securities professionals who are passionate about finding the right funding structure to grow your company.

 A database of documentation templates and secure document management.

 $0 to join.

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Broker Dealers

As a broker, your network determines your success. eBRcapital’s network of investors and entrepreneurs exposes your firm to opportunities previously omitted from the capital market.

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 An engaged base of high-quality investors.

 Genuine referrals for your organization.

 Viral opportunities through social media platforms and eBRcapital’s advertising services.

 Distribution opportunities with economies of scale included.

 100% customizable firm profile page.

 $0 to start-up!

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